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March 3, 2008

Busy weekend. You?

So, I totally didn’t even tell my journal Happy Birthday or anything. I cannot believe it has been five years of this shit. As a birthday gift to my journal, I am going to fix it, or at least work on fixing the totally jacked up formatting from when I switched over from Diaryland to Moveable Type. I may even fix the links and upload the pictures.

HA HA HA! Oh, me... such a kidder. But I will totally make a half assed* attempt at fixing the formatting.

*Being honest.

I’m already on entry number 14.

Only three hundred and twenty-eight left to go! Go me.

We had a very busy weekend. Friday was all about the... um. What the fuck did we do? Oh! I went to Happy Hour with Stacey. It was one of those “You can’t come unless your name is Stacey or Susan” happy hours. But when she pulled up she asked if she could call her work buddy. Of course, so I called a girl I work with. Both of them hemmed and hawed and my co-worker surprisingly showed up and all was well.

Of course Stacey and I couldn’t rant and rave and do a whole emotional dump (which is what the normal “Can’t come unless you are one of us.” things is all about) but I don’t think that either of us had a bunch of personal baggage to rummage through. So it was nice. We had several beers, Stace split around 8 something and I stayed on until a bit after 9 pm.

Saturday was chock full of crap to do. Zeke had an appointment at the vet at 9:30... that lasted until 11:30... which was when the fence guy from Lowes© was at our house waiting on us. We left the vet with Zeke a bit shaky and headed for the house, dealt with the fence guy, got the quote, ate lunch and headed to my nephew’s soccer game. After the soccer game we hung around the jungle gym** for a bit and then headed to PetCo to get some treats for Zeke, return a bag of food and to try to find him one of those little doggy back packs that will sit high on his shoulders so he can feel like he has a job. We’ll put a bottle of water in each side or something, nothing big.

**Just thought about the “old” Troy. Trix, LuLu, Stace, Sil, Steph, you guys know what I mean. I miss him.

By the time we left PetCo it was time to run to the groomers. OMG. If you guys are in the DFW area, and need a grooming service please.... email me for their information. I will give it to you immediately. They were so awesome and kind. They got all of the mats out of Zeke’s fur and their little grooming trailer smelled like a spa. The best part was after they wet Zeke down for the first time the lady rubbed some icy-hot type stuff into Zeke’s hips so he wouldn’t hurt while they were washing and grooming him. It makes me want to cry because they were so gentle. I love them. I would list their names and their phone numbers to give you guys a heads up but they are kind, church going folks and I don’t want them to know that I say fuck... a lot... and talk about my uterus. And then say nice things like “rainbow humping unicorns” and then talk about mammograms. I’m a peach.

Small veer. Are any of y’all excited about these new modesty bras from Bali©? Or is it just me? And here’s where it gets weird. I’m excited as hell because I don’t want to wear a padded bra, but also... I feel kind of like “Fuck you Bali. These are my nipples.” Anyone? Am I putting way too much thought into this?

Fade Up.

Scene... Mother and daughter walking along a beach at sunrise. Barefoot, hopefully wearing something billowy or linen.

Mother: “Honey, something seems to be on your mind.”
Daughter: “Mom,” ::sigh:: “It’s just my nipples. They can cut glass.”

Camera follows small tear down daughter’s cheek.

Fade into product on clear lazy Susan (heh), bracketed by water lilies. All slowly turning to face camera.

VO: “Bali, when you don’t want to replace a sweater, because of your sweater monkeys.”

Fade out.

Okay. So anyway. The puppy got all cleaned up. I think I will have dog hair in my eyes for about a month, but that is okay, at least he doesn’t smell like a floater in the Trinity River anymore.

After the groomers we ran up to the Hollywood Video on Coit and 121. We needed to return a video that we have had for about... oh, three months. I walked in, nearly taking a header into a sign that was all “STORE CLOSING, EVERYTHING 30% to 40% OFF!” Excuse me? What do you mean you are closing? I just had the service for the other Hollywood Video store when it closed down and I finally stopped grieving.

Whatever Hollywood Video. My love for you runs long and deep but it did not keep me from plucking from your still dying corpse like a ravenous vulture. Oh, fuck yes I cleaned up in there. Brought out like 12 videos and I was in a HURRY y’all. I wasn’t even looking at everything. Some of that awesome movie goodness was not even five dollars. Boo yah.

We finally took the poor tuckered out dog home and watched some movies.

Sunday was basically shit because I had massive cramps. (See previous entry. Should have been titled, “Uterus = hate.”) And the dog is terrified of thunderstorms. No big deal when he’s sitting on the couch next to me. But yes, a very big deal when I have been up since 2 am this morning because a dog the size of a small SUV was trying to claw his way up onto the bed using my face. Mister’s all, “Just be calm, and don’t baby him. He is taking his cues from us about how to react to the thunderstorm.”

Um. HI! Have you met me? I fucking hate thunder and lightening... and clowns... and people dressed in animal costumes... and maggots... and gum in ashtrays and ketchup on plates... and saliva. (Mostly possessed clowns that come after you during a thunder storm when a tree with saliva in its’ gaping maw tries to EAT YOU***.)

***And not in a good way.

I tried to be all calm and assertive. But the dog was whining pitifully, the cat was running around the room hissing at the dog, Mister was snoring (and wearing ear plugs), “BOOM!” --- that was thunder--- and a massive dog would try to claw his way up onto my head and yet I was supposed to be all, “No. Down. Lay down Zeke. Good dog. Night.” And go back to sleep for another 45 seconds until it happened again?

So, yeah. Today? I am tired. My hair looks like a cat threw up a fur ball on it and then got a perm. It is cold as hell, I haven’t slept. My uterine area feels like the thunderstorms took up residence in there and I have a butt cramp in my left cheek.

How are y’all doin?

March 7, 2008

Pinky Swear: Part II

Running storyline. Fiction... and really bad fiction at that. If you are interested Part One is found here. Not sure if I will ever finish this thing. Vote in the comments section to keep this going or to kill her off.

Part II

She pushed the door open in front of her and it swung softly on its hinges until it settled against the wall to her left. She stayed where she was, letting her eyes adjust to the room. How could any space be so completely dark? Wouldn’t windows let in some ambient light from the moon, stars, passing cars, other houses or buildings, maybe even street lights?

The feeling was coming back into her legs and feet. She was relieved to find that each leg, each foot and all of her toes were still attached. She flexed her thigh muscles and wiggled her toes. She braced herself on either wall of the closet she was inside and raised up on her toes, laying her head on her right shoulder as not to hit the clothes bar above her. She wanted to stretch her calf muscles so she kept her palms braced against the walls and kept her heels planted on the floor as she lifted the toes of her feet. Each foot, raised and lowered three times. She wanted to rotate her feet on her ankles but she knew that whatever noise she was spared from her knees popping when she stood, she wouldn’t be so lucky with her ankles.

Each time she lifted her toes she thought of three things. Number one. No Noise. Number two. Ballet. And number three. What are my toes are brushing against?

She knelt again in her hiding place, keeping her eyes trained on the room in front of her. No motion, no sounds, no odor, no light, nothing that was living and breathing was waiting for her in the room beyond her closet door. She felt in front of her feet and found a large canvas bag. The bag had a shoulder strap and two heavy nylon stitched handles. She pressed down on the bag to see if she could discern what was inside of it. No luck, she would have to explore the bag when she found a safe quiet place with light. But she knew that she would have to take the bag with her.

She stepped lightly over the bag and into the room. She moved to the left and felt the inside of the closet door handle pressing up against her back. She kept moving until she could feel the wall behind the opened closet door. She slipped behind the opened door. It acted as minimal cover and let her try to get her bearings. She needed to find out the layout of the room. Where were the windows, where was the door, and if there were more than one, where was the other and how heavy was the canvas bag she that she found in the closet?

The wall was smooth behind her. She edged her way around the room clockwise until she came to a sharp right angle. She was breathing quick, shallow little breaths. She knew that she was still alone in the room, she just didn’t know for how long, or why. She crept along this new wall with her left hand trailing the wall and her right hand out in front of her so she wouldn’t bump into any furniture.

She found the ledge of a window. Her heart hammered in excitement.

She might need to leave in a hurry once she able to open the window; or a door if she came to one; so she returned to the closet, tested the heft of the canvas bag, found it comfortable in it’s weightiness but not heavy or awkward to carry. She slung the shoulder strap across her head so the bag hung diagonally across her narrow back and she returned to the window sill.

The room seemed to be empty but she wanted to be sure. She was certain that going out a window would be preferable to going deeper into rest of the building or the house. She felt if she could just get outside her current holding room, she would be able to see, and then find her way to wherever she needed to be.

She had not figured out where she needed to be, or where she needed to go, she just knew she had to get out, with as little difficulty as possible.

With the bag slung across the middle her back like a modern day quiver, she traversed the room finding another window, another wall and then another wall and then she came to a door. The room seemed to be empty and the door wasn’t the closet door, but a door that opened into the building. She hesitated.

The window? Or the door?

She still couldn’t see and she didn’t know if the windows had been blacked out or even worse, bricked over. She was already at the door, she decided to take her chances and find some light. At least, then she could see what was in the ruck sack she was carrying. There may be a clue inside of it to who she was and what sort of predicament she was in.

She crossed silently to the other side of the door, found the knob and turned it slowly. The knob turned like it had been freshly oiled and when she felt the lock disengage she let out a small breath of relief that she hadn’t heard the mechanism work, but only felt the smooth vibrations of the bolt inside the lock being withdrawn from the door frame.

Instinct kicked in and she took a deep breath through her nose, put her right eye up to the door jamb and pulled it open just enough to see that the hallway just on the other side was as dark as the room she was in.

She opened the door just a bit further and was able to see the outline of some stairs about twelve feet from the room she was in. If she could see the outline of the stair landing, there was bound to be a little bit of light filtering in from somewhere. She opened the door enough to slip through and stood just outside the door listening for noise within the building or house to help her find her way out or away from whomever put her in that closet.

No noise. It was silent as a tomb and she knew that it could very well be her own tomb if she didn’t get a move on. Her eyes were adjusting to the faint source of light as looked around the landing and saw three other doors and a longer hallway to the right. The stairs was where the brightest source of light was coming from and they only led up. She knew that light could mean other people, but she needed to see inside of her canvas bag. Something important was inside, it would help her... she just knew it.

She moved to the landing and looked up. The only thing at the top of the stairs was another door. Leaning forward into the stairwell, she looked up and saw where the light source was coming from. A sky light was about seven stories above her and a sliver of a moon and starry night looked back at her.

She headed up the stairs, keeping to the outside of the stairs and staying on the balls of her feet. The stairs seemed to be concrete. Office building? Was she downtown? If so, she could get out of the building and disappear into the night once she was outside. She looked forward to the night air like with eagerness akin to hunger.

She got to the first landing and saw several more doors leading off the main stair case and another set of stairs leading up to the next landing she took these stairs a little more confidently. Making sure to keep herself in check, she knew that being too cocky could get her killed. She reached the top of the landing in no time and this time, along with the doors to other rooms or offices, she saw a registration desk and a hallway that bisected the building.

One part of the hallway ran straight in front of her and deeper into the building and what she thought would be an emergency exit, and the other part ran to the front doors.

Which way to go? She flipped a mental coin, chose heads and turned to the back entrance hoping the power was off throughout the whole building so she wouldn’t set off the emergency alarm when she pushed the exit bar.

She walked lightly in her flexible shoes. Toe first as to remain silent.

She got halfway down the hall and heard noise coming from a closed door. There was the tell-tale sign of flickering light dancing along the crack between the floor and the door signaling a television. She hesitated for a split second to try and hear any voices other than those on the TV... with no luck so she hurried on to the back door.

At the back door she resettled the bag against her back and gently pushed the exit bar on the emergency door. Surprising her the door swung open on silent hinges. No sound. Nothing.... then a blaring siren signaling her exit. She ran out onto a concrete landing with stairs leading down. She knew she needed to move and move fast so she jumped the railing and landed on the damp asphalt of the alley, she straightened and leaned forward pumping her legs, running for her life.

March 10, 2008

Conversation with Mike...

A long, long time ago... in a galaxy very far away. This cracked my shit up.

I give you a conversation with my evil pocket gay, Mike.

me: well then. You can move down whenever you want and feel right at home

Michael: exactly!
that's what i was thinking.

me: and also?.... i now have tangerine speedo in my head

Michael: hehehehe
that was my plan all along.

me: OMG
remind me to tell you about the dream i had about you this morning

Michael: okay.
so when are you taking over your company and hiring me as an assistant?

me: i'm thinking... fall-ish
sound good?

Michael: sure
easier to move if the heat has dissipated a bit.

me: perfect, that way you wont be completely turned to ash by the intensity of the Texas sun
so on it's like we're sharing a brain already

Michael: yup

me: okay

Michael: and you have some DIRTY little thoughts missy.

me: so... tell me you used to watch saved by the bell.
yes i do

Michael: was before my time.

me: well shit.
then this will not be nearly as funny to you

Michael: well, just barely. i remember it being on, just not watching.

me: there was this place that they hung out (and did oddly choreographed dance routines and poorly planned musical numbers in) called the Peach Pit

Michael: right. did see a few episodes.

me: okay
for some reason you and i were in some beach town
you knew EVERYONE
and the whole seawall was businesses and shops put together kind of like San Francisco
no alleys
cross streets only like every mile or something
we were at this place...
some chick wanted you to make out with her

Michael: WTF?!?!

me: yeah... i know... it gets worse
she was wearing turquoise...
the color ... not the stone

Michael: heh

me: all turquoise ... jeans... a little jacket over a coral colored sleeveless sweater
i am totally shrugging right now
no clue what this was about

Michael: the dream?

me: maybe because you told me you kissed girls before
it goes on
so the turquoise chick laid down on top of a Miata or something just as 90's
you undid her zipper with your teeth, laughed, grabbed my hand and said, "c'mon, don’t you need a smoke right about now?"
so we went outside

Michael: that is funny

me: which i thought we were outside ... already... with there being a car and all
so we ran outside (???)
and these dudes with the whole Don Johnson look followed us...

Michael: we ran?

me: yes?

Michael: weird.

me: (i am always thin and fabulous in my dreams... and i smoke alot... keep that in mind)

Michael: 100s right?

me: yes...
never know where i keep the smokes because i NEVER carry a purse in my dreams
anyway... the pastel posse was following us
they wanted to fight or something
it was all very West Side story

Michael: totally just had "when you're a jet, you're a jet..."

me: YES!

Michael: we are sharing the same brain!

me: yes

Michael: did we rumble?

me: you are totally going to dream about turquoise girl and her Baby from Dirty Dancing haircut tonight
this is the weird thing
we ended up back where we were... with the Miata... you did make out with that chick... i was making out with some Don Johnson wannabe... then we did the same thing... "Don't you need a smoke about now? Let's get out of here..." and we ran
we got to this building

Michael: that is totally our new code for "let's get the fuck out of here."

me: and went inside... it was trashed
we were just trying to get off the boardwalk (???) or something
and you McGuyver'ed your way through an alarm system
we broke through a window...
and i kept saying, "My this is very Peach Pit of you."
so yeah
i may have had a stroke or something

Michael: okay, i want some of your drugs

me: it was awesome
like a bad 80's/90's movie

Michael: okay, weird question.. but what was i wearing?

me: complete with make outs, and drama, and danger... and McGyver
I cant tell you
you'll die

Michael: well, i've already made out with a girl so the apocalypse must be near anyway.

me: okay
don’t judge me
it was a brain enema
you were wearing...
swear you wont judge me

Michael: swear
(brain enema?)

me: Reebok high-tops, acid wash jeans... AND A JACKET that matched.....

Michael: dear lord! i was Marty McFly!

me: i think dreams are like the brain’s way of purging
yes... you were matchy matchy
and i knew that it was a dream... totally by your outfit alone
and the size of my hair bow

Michael: heh
was it robin sparkles big?

me: holy fuck.. YES.

Michael: rock

me: "Let's go to the malllll! today!"

Michael: best.episode.EVAH.

me: no clue what i was wearing, but (i totally agree about that episode) i knew what you and everyone else was wearing
maybe that is why i kept telling you what you were doing was very "Peach Pit"
it was very .... AC Slater
or Zach.... whatever his last name was

Michael: hehe. i have never before been called Zach or Slater.

me: no no... you were totally you
you looked like you, talked like you... were totally snarky
BUT wearing acid wash
and knew how to break in to an apartment and disarm an alarm
and unzip some chicks zipper with your teeth
as she lay (hopeful) on the Miata
yeah... i need help.

Michael: i'm not sure which is worse. you had me kissing a girl. or that she was on a MIATA!!!

me: both

Michael: but. okay. the Miata....

me: yeah
i know
i'm sorry
it's almost as bad as... say a Fiero
no telling

Michael: i was driving home the other day and there was this gold/bronze convertible with this really cute guy in it... big aviator sunglasses that went from brown to clear, great tan, leather wrist band...
and i got closer and realized.. he was driving a brand new Miata.

me: fuck

Michael: i died a little inside

me: that ruined everything

Michael: yeah. totally did. decided he was probably a total douche.

me: absolute douche
ironic awesome guy

Michael: damnit

me: but probably a douche

Fun with Google Talk.

March 14, 2008

Want to Go To Austin?: Part I

Sue met Jay at a rodeo.

She was working the Rodeo Club hospitality booth with Debra. It was one of the events at the Expo that March. The girls were there for the cowboys. Their job was to keep the cowboys fed and to make sure that they had something cool to drink in between the different events.

Sue and a friend of hers, Kelly, had already spotted Jay a few weeks before at a bar and dubbed him FMF. They thought that they were so clever and sophisticated. So funny with their little raunchy acronyms.

Jay walked up to the hospitality booth with another deputy that Sue and Debra knew. They greeted the known deputy and Sue saw Jay look down, she said, “Hi, I’m Sue, what is your name?” Jay looked up, surprised at being addressed, blushed crimson and spoke softly, “It is Jay. And it is very nice to meet you.” He extended his hand and gripped her outstretched hand with his.

With that Sue’s Southern side took over and she made sure that these law enforcement officers were treated just as kindly as the cowboys.

The sheriff’s deputies were on site at the rodeo to work security and they did not expect the full spread of food and drink that Debra and Sue set out for them. They were grateful as it had been a long day and offered their thanks and were well mannered.

Sue would see Jay out with her friends when they went dancing at some of the bars in town. He would pop up at her local midnight hang out when she was cramming for a test or just wanted to read, smoke and drink coffee until the wee hours of the morning. Sometimes he would be in uniform but most often, not. It was as if he knew where she would be and when.

At the bars she never saw him dance. He would always stand on the sides by the tables with his friends surrounding him. But he would watch her. Every now and again a shy smile would creep over his blushing face if Sue waved at him from the dance floor. Women were drawn to him because he was extremely handsome but they didn’t stay around long as he was not very talkative and painfully bashful.

One evening Sue and Kelly were at the midnight hang out talking about the 4th of July. Kelly said she was going to Austin to see her new niece. She asked Sue what her plans were. “Well, I really don’t have any.” Sue replied. About that moment Kelly covered her mouth with her hand and whispered, “FMF seven o’clock.” Before Sue could turn around to look (he was soooo handsome) he slid into the booth next to her and asked, “So, what kind of trouble are you gals plotting?” Kelly responded, “Well, I was just telling Sue that she should come to Austin for the 4th of July... And... you should come too... okay... um bye!” And with that, Kelly scrambled to get out of the diner before Sue could kill her.

Jay slid around to the other side of the booth to look at Sue. He took a deep breath, looked at his watch, nervously ran his hand through his thick black hair and then leaned over the booth a bit and in a rush of words that came out too fast he said, “Okay. I’m game if you are. Would you like to go to Austin for the 4th of July?” Sue blinked, laughed a little nervous laugh and replied, “Really?” He nodded. “You’re serious?” Another nod. “Jay, I don’t even know you.” His face fell and then he brightened, “Yes you do, we’ve know each other since the 13th of March and the 4th of July is This coming weekend. I tell you what, you drive, I’ll buy. We’ll get the scoop from Kelly on what to do when we get there and we’ll just... go!”

And she agreed.

Back at her apartment Sue called Debra and told her the news. Debra shrieked, “You’re going to Austin with FMF!?” “Yep.” “How in the hell did that happen?” “Um, Kelly did it?” “Ah, ha....”

Sue called Kelly to verbally kill her, but also thank her. Kelly answered knowing it was Sue, “Girl, that man has had a crush on you since he saw you at the rodeo in March. What did you do? Put a spell on him or something?” “No, and how did you know about the rodeo thing... does he really have a crush?” Kelly replied, “Sue. Come ON. I work the door at the club, I hear EVERYTHING. Yes, he has had his eye on you for months.”

The next night Sue was back at the midnight hangout. She was supposed to be studying but instead she was looking at a 3”x5” note card that she was using as a bookmark in a book she was reading for pleasure. She was making a list. She started with listing every boy she had ever kissed, chronologically, because she was just that anal. Most of the boys on the list she knew their first and last names, where they were at that point in time, who their families were ect. Then she put a little star next to the men she had slept with. It was when she was counting up these men that Jay slid into the booth across from her. Sue quickly hid the bookmark inside the book and looked up at him... a completely guilty expression on her face.

Jay: Hey, whatcha doin?
Sue: Studying?
Jay: Bullshit.
Sue: Reading?
Jay: I’ll buy that one, you are always reading something. What was on that little note card?
Sue: Nothing, hey, how did you find me?
Jay: You are a creature of habit... and I figured if we were going on a road trip, we may as well get to know one another a little bit.
Sue: Alright. Do you have any questions?
Jay: Besides “what is on the note card?” No.
Sue: I was just making some notes. A list.
Jay: Like a things to do list?
Sue: Could have been called that, sure.
Jay: Could?
Sue: Moving on. So, what would you like to do in Austin? When do you want to leave? Where do you want to stay? Have you ever been?
Jay: Whoa. Well, let’s see. I have been to Austin, but not in a long time. Kelly is going to let us know about the fun stuff to do. Let’s leave Friday at noon or so and I have no idea where to stay, we can just figure that out when we get there.
Sue: Alright. What is your mother’s maiden name?
Jay: Why?
Sue: Well, I need to know something personal about you or your family before I just go on a trip with you.
Jay: Babcock. Her maiden name is Babcock. My middle name is Jason... can’t tell you my first name, it is way too embarrassing and I have a little sister and a big brother. They all live in Houston.
Sue: Much better. Do you need to know anything about me?
Jay: Can I see the list?
Sue: Are you going to let this go... ever?
Jay: Nope.
Sue: Fine.

Sue handed the list over, keeping her place in the book with her thumb. She didn’t explain it, she just watched his incredibly long eye lashes move as his eyes darted over the list. He looked it over twice and flipped the card over looking for more information. The back was blank.

Jay: Who are all of these men?
Sue: Boys I’ve kissed.
Jay: And the little stars?
Sue: Those are the ones I have had long relationships with.

She lied.

Jay: ... right.
Sue: [::blink::]
Jay: So, anything else?
Sue: Yep.
Jay: Ut oh.
Sue: How did you know or remember that we met on March 13th?
Jay: [::furiously blushing::] Because I was working security at the rodeo and you were so nice to me.
Sue: Hospitable... would you say?
Jay: Yes, I would definitely say you were hospitable.
Sue: Great, because after all... it was the hospitality booth.
Jay: Smart alleck.
Sue: Oh, where do you live? I have no idea where to pick you up on Friday. Um... and what am I supposed to pack?
Jay: You know that little white house across from the college?
Sue: Yep.
Jay: I live there with my roommates. And anything is fine for you to pack as long as you bring your hat and those red boots.
Sue: I thought you didn’t dance.
Jay: See you Friday!

And with that, he left.

The rest of the week Sue had tests and hung out with her friends at the normal spots. She went dancing and had some friends over for Tino’s pizza and a movie. When Thursday rolled around she made sure all of her laundry was done, she packed a small bag and left her toiletries out for getting dressed the next afternoon, and then she went to the bar with her friends.

Friday after she went to her first class she came home and went to the pool in her apartment complex. She lay in the sun thinking of Jay. Wondering about Jay. Wondering why she was such a sucker and had agreed to go to Austin with a complete stranger.

She pulled her float out of the pool and went home to shower. She thought about Jay some more as she shaved her legs. She called up his memory and in her mind she looked him over. Tall, about 6’1” or so, dark olive skin, thick and shiny black hair that he kept short and swept to the side, full lips, eyelashes and eyebrows any woman would commit a felony for and bright green eyes. Italian. Broad shoulders, pretty. Yum. She thought to herself, “Well, he’s a sheriff’s deputy and a full time college student. Ambitious and hot. Not bad.” She dressed in shorts, tennis shoes and a t-shirt. She pulled her hair back for the drive down to Austin and threw her stuff in the car.

She drove to the white house and pulled into the driveway. Jay was waiting for her in the yard, throwing a football back and forth with a roommate. He smiled when she pulled up and grabbed his bag. He waved to his buddy, threw his bag into the back and climbed into her little four door car.

Jay: I wasn’t entirely sure that you would actually show up.
Sue: Honestly? Neither was I.

They grinned at one another and headed out of town.

March 20, 2008

Want To Go To Austin?: Part II

Please click here to go to Part I.

They drove out Highway 7 West towards Crockett and talked the whole way. It was only a few hours to Austin and they filled up every moment with regaling each others with stories of travel, family, school life, work life, friends, bar life and anything else that came up.

Music was found on the radio and then mix tapes were played. Sue actually even sang along; loudly and off key; to Mariah’s Vanishing without a bit of embarrassment even when Jay broke down in a fit of laughter that was so contagious that Sue had to pull over, lest she wreck.

When they reached Crockett they stopped at a burger joint on the loop and went in for a late lunch. While Sue deconstructed and then reconstructed her sandwich to her liking she looked up shyly at Jay putting a perfect circle of ketchup on the wax paper in his fast food basket and said to him, “You know... I’ve never been on a trip with a boy before.” Jay looked up, surprised, took a paper napkin out of the dispenser, wiped his hands and then folded them on the table. He said, “Me neither.”

Sue: You’ve never been on a trip with a boy before?
Jay: No, I mean, yes... you know what I mean. I haven’t been on a trip with a girl before. Alone.
Sue: Exactly. The alone part makes it kind of exciting... but... sorta...
Jay: Do you....?
Sue: Do I what?
Jay: Feel guilty or anything?
Sue: Well, sort of... being my mother’s daughter I am not supposed to be alone with a strange boy on a road trip with no apparent reason.
Jay: She planned for this contingency? She literally brought up traveling alone with a boy?
Sue: Well, no. But I am sure it was implied somewhere down the line.
Jay: Of course.... under the whole, “Thou shall not slouch” commandment, a subparagraph.
Sue: Do you actually KNOW my mother?
Jay: No. [laughing] But your parents sound like good people.
Sue: And it’s not like we’re doing anything bad... or anything.
Jay: I know, we haven’t even held hands.

Sue cringed internally at her words, mentally smacking her forehead for sounding so inarticulate and immature. She rolled her eyes rehashing, “It’s not like we’re doing anything bad... or anything.” Gah. They finished their lunch with a smattering of conversation. Sue was mostly trying desperately to get over her “I carried a watermelon” moment. Jay’s apparent lack of knowledge that he was so hot was disconcerting. Add to that the fact that he seemed smitten and was turning into a friend as they chatted was throwing Sue off.

After throwing away their trash they used the washrooms and on the way out the door to Sue’s car Jay said her name quietly and then held out his hand. Sue looked at him and took it. They walked easily to her car, their hands clasped and swinging between them. As he held her car door open for her he said, “Well, at least now we’ve held hands.” It was Sue’s turn to blush crimson.

They drove southwest into Austin watching the sun drop low in the sky as they made their way into the hill country. They talked easily and discussed their plans for the weekend. They discussed the various pros and cons of living in a small college town. She asked about how he liked being in law enforcement and how he chose that profession. He asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she answered truthfully that she really had no idea. They told stories and laughed. Even though he didn’t smoke, he didn’t begrudge her that she did and he lit her cigarettes for her as she drove.

They made it into Austin just before dusk and decided to make a tour through downtown. Jay turned the radio to some bad rap, rolled down his window, leaned back in his seat, put his arm out the window and started bopping his head along to the music, Sue followed suit and they toured Austin’s downtown area and the college looking like white bread vatos, laughing and pointing out various areas of interest to one another.

Kelly had suggested three things for Sue and Jay to do in Austin while they were there. The first was to make it to a showing at Esther’s Follies, the second was get to Maggie Mae’s for a drink and the last was to go for a tour in the state capitol building. Sue and Jay agreed to all of the above. When the two of them finished their vato tour through the area they went in search of a hotel.

Sue drove down I-35 at Jay’s direction and then pulled into a little Stratford Inn and Jay got out and with a smile said, “Be right back!”

Sue began to get a little nervous. She was analyzing every possible outcome that could happen between now and when Jay brought the key(s) out from the hotel office. They could be sleeping in two separate rooms. Yes, that is the good girl thing to do... but why was she feeling a bit of disappointment at that choice? They could share a room with two double beds. They could share ONE room with ONE big bed. And of these choices, what did each one mean to him? He said, “You drive, I’ll buy.” If he chose the two separate bedrooms, did that mean he didn’t find her attractive orrrrrr was he just being respectful? One bedroom, was she a slut? Or was he just being frugal? Did she owe him anything for paying? She rolled her eyes at herself.

Jay popped out of the office and hopped into her car. “Just pull in right here.” Sue pulled into the parking spot Jay indicated and kept her mouth shut. Truthfully, her mouth felt like it was actually glued shut, it was so dry and she was wide eyed with excitement and the heaping spoonful of anxiety that she was trying to swallow but it wouldn’t go down.

They pulled their bags out of the car and Sue followed Jay up the stairs. He opened the door to one room, ONE ROOM. Sue immediately heard Dan Akroyd in her head saying, “Jane, you incompetent slut.”

But Jay was smiling, he stood back to let her look inside. Inside the room was a massive king sized bed, its’ front right corner listing sadly towards the floor. Jay looked at Sue and she looked right back at him. His mouth turned up at one corner and he took her bag from her and said the words that would forever cement a place for him in her heart.

“So, do you wanna jump on the bed or what?”

Sue squealed and ran into the room, leaping onto the bed and bouncing around, her hand above her head to make sure she didn’t knock herself out on the ceiling. Jumping up and down she asked him, “How did you know?” He looked at her and smiled, replying, “How did I know what?” “How did you know that I liked to jump on hotel room beds?” He gave her the perfect answer, “Well, if your mother was anything like mine, there was no jumping on the bed at home... if we were in a hotel it was a special treat, she said it was something we paid to have the honor to do.” Sue had heard her mother say almost the exact same thing and she told Jay, “I love your mom.”

Sue flopped down on the bed and pulled the phone book out from the dresser, looked up Esther’s Follies and made a call, asking the times of the shows for that evening and where to park. They had an 8pm and a 10pm show. If she and Jay hurried, they could make it to the 8pm show. They got dressed; each one taking turns in the teeny bathroom. When she came out in her little halter jumper Jay whistled at her, she (in turn) clapped approvingly at his handsome form.

They drove to the parking lot that the Esther’s Follies attendant had told Sue about on the phone, parked, walked across the street and into the theater. It was a two drink minimum so when Jay bought their tickets he flashed his id, they were both stamped “of age” even though Sue had barely turned 20 years old. Entering the theater they found a spot, sat down and Jay ordered them a beer a piece. When the show started Sue laughed along with the antics of the cast and Jay laughed along with Sue. She kept ordering Jay beer and he finally asked her if she was trying to get him drunk so she could take advantage of him.

Sue: NO! [she mocked offense]
Jay: Are you sure!?
Sue: Well, you are a little more talkative and relaxed when you’ve had a few.
Jay: Should I be worried about my reputation? You are trying to take advantage of me, I can tell. Oh dear, we should have brought a chaperone.
Sue: Oh hush. [laughing]

When the show had ended the MC said that their tickets were good for a free admission to the Velveeta Room, a comedy club a few doors down on 6th street. Sue brightened at the chance of more laughter and Jay let her pull him out to the bustling street and down to the Velveeta Room. The seats were almost all full and the crowd was heckling the comedian. Sue ordered two more beers and then sat down next to Jay. He pulled her little chair close to him and whispered in her ear, “You ARE trying to take advantage of me.” The small hairs on her arms stood on end when he whispered in her ear, she shivered and cheered on the comedian, fully ignoring Jay’s attempt to bait her into a “No I’m not.” “Yes, you are.” back and forth conversation.

When the comedian left the stage Jay suggested that they walk down the street and find something interesting. They had planned on going to Maggie Mae’s the next night so they walked out into the hot July night and strolled down 6th street. They passed trinket sellers and bar barkers asking them to come inside to hear the live music playing. Jay picked out a colorful necklace made of shells and asked Sue if she wanted it. She was still a little shy about the whole “You drive, I’ll buy” thing so she shook her head. They kept walking, holding hands and talking easily as if they had known each other since the dawn of time.

Sue heard the strains of blues being played in a club to her left, she looked at Jay and asked if he liked Blues and R&B. He nodded and asked, “Do you want to go in there?” He pointed to a place called Joe’s Generic Bar. Sue nodded enthusiastically and they walked inside.

The band was playing Stevie Ray Vaughn’s “Riviera Paradise”.

Jay bought two more beers and found Sue standing along the left side of a chest high bar to the left of the main bar. There were two such bars running the length of the area, the rest of the floor had small round tables and several chairs set at each one. The band was at the back of the room on a small platform and they launched into one blues song after the next.

Sue swayed to the music, feeling the heat of Jay’s breath on her shoulder, seeing his arm laying on the bar protectively to her right. She was so happy, so wonderfully in tune with the music, so ecstatic to be on this spontaneous trip with this beautiful man, she had a great time at the show, a fantastic time at the comedy club and an even better time strolling thought the hot night air with Jay. She was joyful she had made a friend and secretly hoping that her new friend would kiss her.

The band launched into Screamin Jay Hawkins’ “I Put A Spell On You” and Sue whistled her approval. She danced a little to the music, raising her arms above her head and swinging her hips to the rhythm. Jay put his hands at Sue’s waist and ran his palms up the length of her arms then turned her towards him. As Sue turned around and faced Jay he brought her arms gently down to her sides and asked her to look him in the eye.

Jay: How many were on your list of boys you had kissed.
Sue: ... [::blink::]
Jay: Well, I’m going to be the next one, but I don’t want to just be some guy you add to your list.
Sue: ... [::blink::]
Jay: Where are we?
Sue: Austin, Texas.
Jay: What is the name of the bar in which we are currently standing and swaying to the music?
Sue: Joe’s Generic Bar.
Jay: What song is the band playing?
Sue: “I Put A Spell On You”... by....
Jay: [rushing] Who is the band?
Sue: I have no idea.
Jay: Fair enough. Now, can you remember all of this so I won’t be some random guy you kissed that one time, at that place?

At the “one time, at that place” he gave a ‘who gives a shit?’ hand motion. When he was done he brought his hand back to her arm, caressing the groove of her left elbow with the pad of his right thumb.

Sue: Absolutely. [nodding]
Jay: Now, again... where are we?
Sue: Austin, Texas.
Jay: What is the name of the bar?
Sue: Joe’s Generic Bar.
Jay: What song is the band playing?
Sue: “I Put A Spell On You”.

And then he kissed her, and for the first time in her short life, her knees went weak when a man kissed her. He kissed her gently and then with more passion and possession, he cupped her cheek then slid his right hand around to the back of her neck while moving his other hand to the small of her back, supporting her and pulling her closer to him as he felt her tremble.

When Jay finished his kiss with a little nibble at Sue’s lower lip he took her by the shoulders and held her at arms’ length, looking her up and down. She met his eyes and watched him looking her over. She didn’t feel like a possession or a piece of meat, she felt sexy and very warm from his kiss... and very pleased with herself for not falling on her ass during the most remarkable kiss of her life.

Sue met Jay’s gaze and when he said, “Do you wanna get out of here?” She nodded slowly. She didn’t want to seem too eager but she wanted to make sure he knew that she wasn’t just making rash decisions. They walked out of the bar holding hands, turning right and walking back up 6th to the parking lot on Red River.

By the time they got halfway up the street they had broken into a quick walk, laughing like giddy school kids. By the time they were two streets from Esther’s Follies they had moved into a jog, and by the time they rounded the corner at Red River they were flat out running for the car.

March 25, 2008

Want To Go To Austin?: Part III

Please click here to go to Part I. And click here to go to Part II.

They were laughing and running as they reached the car. Jay opened Sue’s door for her and then ran around to his side and got in. He turned to her and grinned. She had no idea how she got from downtown to the little inn on the highway as her mind was definitely not on the road. They arrived and jumped out of the car and ran upstairs.

When Jay opened the door to the room he asked Sue if she minded if he took a quick shower. With the heat and humidity of Austin in July they were both pretty sweaty. Sue said, “By all means, please do, I’ll do the same when you are done.”

Jay went into the small bathroom, left the door open a crack and turned on the water. He stripped and got in the shower and began to lather up trying to wash his hair and his body as quickly as possible.

Sue brushed her teeth then found herself pacing a small spot between the bedroom area and the vanity sink. She stopped in front of the mirror at the sink and looked at herself. She was a sweaty mess, her hair was curling up, her makeup had vacated and left a small smudging of mascara on her lashes and her face was flushed. She turned her back on the mirror, crossed her arms and her feet at the ankles to keep from pacing and made herself calm the hell down already.

She looked at the bathroom door where steam was coming out of the crack between the door and the doorjamb and heard a voice say, “Hey, do you mind if I join you?” When she heard Jay reply, “Not at all, come on in.” Sue realized that it was her mouth that had asked to join a naked man in the shower. A naked man that she hadn’t held hands with until that afternoon, a man who just kissed her not even an hour ago. Sue thought, “Holy shit. That was me! I said that! The gall, the nerve... no, no, it was a hallucination caused by the heat, the beer, the music and that kiss... Lord, that kiss.” Jay asked her, “Are you coming in?” Sue swallowed a lump in her throat and meekly replied, “Sure.”

She took off her shoes, her jumper, and her underwear and folded them neatly on her duffle bag. Sue then went to the bathroom door and pushed it open a little and stepped inside, the steam rose up around her. Jay pulled back the curtain and grinned at her, “Here, go ahead and get under the water, I’m almost done.” He offered her a hand and helped her step into the tub/shower combination. With the hot water pounding on her head and the grime of the road trip and the night downtown washing off of her body, Sue immediately felt so much better and she began to relax. She turned towards the shower head and turned her head up so her face got wet. Jay asked from behind her if he could wash her hair. She looked to the right and the left looking for someone, ANYONE to confirm what she just heard. Hot, naked, wet guy she was showering with asking her if he could wash her hair?


She answered, “Sure.” And waited for a pause that she could follow up with “....was a nice night.” If washing her hair was indeed not what he had asked. But he leaned around her right side and picked up the hotel issued shampoo bottle and asked her to tilt her head back a bit. She did and with that she felt the cool sensation of shampoo being poured onto the crown of her head, he washed her hair almost the exact same way she would, working up lather at her temples and crown and then pushing the suds into the length of her hair as not to tangle it. When he was done washing her hair he said, “Rinse.” She turned her back to the water and leaned her hair back into it, he then asked, “Conditioner?” She smiled and said, “Yes, please.” He gently turned her around by the shoulders and applied the conditioner to her hair.

She closed her eyes, secretly relieved because she was the curious type and wanted to look him over, but being pampered was better and more rewarding than satisfying her nosiness.

He asked if he could wash her, she nodded, eyes still closed then he surprised her with a command, “Arms up.” Sue could tell Jay was smiling when he said it so with her back still turned to him she raised her arms, bracing for what he would do next.

Why was she so nervous? She had been naked with a boy before, she wasn’t some ice queen but she wasn’t that experienced either.

Jay started at her shoulders and soaped Sue up along her back and then moved to soap up each arm, the right arm and then the left. He massaged around her collarbone and under her neck and then to the rest of her back. He asked her to turn around and he washed each leg, saying, “Right.” And “Left.” When said leg was needed. He never touched her breasts, her stomach, her bottom or her vagina. He just washed her tenderly and then stepped out to let her finish up.

She washed everything else and got out to towel off quickly. She ran a comb through her hair and slipped on a little tank and boxer combo (sexy.) then walked to the bed. Jay was under the covers and watching the television. She crawled in and said, “Thank you for washing my hair. That was pretty cool.” She thought she sounded like a complete moron, but Jay smiled at her and pulled her close. “Really?” he asked, sounding unsure of himself. She assured him and he kissed her softly. He clicked off the television but slipped out of bed to turn on the light above the sink.

When Jay came back to bed he crawled up beside Sue, leaned on his elbow and ran his fingers through her long, still damp hair. Sue almost purred. Jay rolled over on his hands and knees above Sue and bent down, grabbing the bottom of her tank with his teeth and gently pulling it over her head. She laughed at his antics until he did the same with her boxers.... he then removed his own


In the morning Jay and Sue stopped for breakfast and got some film for Sue’s cheap camera, they went for a tour of downtown, walking along the river and taking goofy self portraits of each other in front of the capitol. They went to line up for the guided tour of the capitol but the line was too long and they had other things to do, so they asked if they could just walk around a bit. A very nice lady told them where they could find some beautiful art and the best place to take pictures. Jay talked about politics and how the criminal justice department at their college was incredible. He said he wanted to be a DPS officer when he graduated and thought his duties as a deputy would help him along in his career.

Sue listened to him talk and when they went to lunch she picked up the tab. After the sightseeing and lunch Sue and Jay went back to take a little nap before their next night on the town.

They planned to go to Maggie Mae’s for a drink or twelve that night and they had heard a few amazing bands would be playing and that the place would be packed so they wanted to be early. Well, relatively early, and they still required a quick bite for dinner before they parked downtown.

Sue took another shower and left her hair wild as she was planning on wearing the only thing that Jay requested that she bring. Her boots and her hat. Well, with some jeans and a top... but it was SO hot. It was unbearably muggy so Sue opted for some shorts, the same top she had planned on wearing and some light, comfortable shoes. Jay dressed in jeans, a golf shirt and some boots. They went and got a bite to eat and parked in the same parking lot as the night before.

They were on 6th street before 8pm on a Saturday night. The whole town was gearing up for the 4th of July celebration. The fireworks were supposed to go off that evening; the capitol was lit up with red, white and blue, the tower at University of Texas was dressed in patriotic colors and Sue and Jay wanted to be on the roof at Maggie Mae’s when the whole thing started.

Jay and Sue had laughed so easily together all afternoon. They were a compatible pair for traveling and hanging out, and in the bedroom... things were good. Sue wondered why Jay was quiet. He had started talking less and less after they left the hotel to come downtown. She asked if he felt alright.

Sue: Jay? How are you holding up? Can I get you anything?
Jay: No... I’m okay, why?
Sue: Well, you just seem a little quiet.
Jay: Well, I’m shy.
Sue: Sure as hell didn’t seem shy last night when....
Jay: [laughing] I know... I know... I’m sorry. I just can’t.
Sue: Just can’t what Jay?

By this time the two of them were sitting on the roof of Maggie Mae’s. They had been in several parts of the bar and had heard what seemed like every type of music there is to hear. The bands were amazing, and Sue even got Jay on the dance floor for a few moments. He kept bringing them beer and Sue got a cold feeling in her stomach that things were about to turn sour. Had she slept with him too soon? They had been having so much fun. Sue felt sick that something they had done, or that she had done was the cause of Jay’s discomfort.

Jay: I can’t tell you.
Sue: What if I get you a few more beers?
Jay: There you go again, trying to get me drunk to take advantage of me.

He laughed quietly and then met Sue’s gaze.

Jay: No, oh, no... no no no... it’s nothing like that.
Sue: Like what?
Jay: That look on your face... like someone just killed a puppy.
Sue: Well, you just seem sad, and quiet, and distant. I was afraid that I...
Jay: No, it’s not you. I’m just embarrassed.
Sue: Of... me?
Jay: Good heavens, no!
Sue: “Good heavens”...?
Jay: [laughing] You are teasing me... again. [smiling]
Sue: There’s that smile. So, what is this you are embarrassed about?
Jay: Seriously, I can’t tell you. But I want to.

Fireworks started going off overhead, the report of the blasts not as loud with three bands in the bar and all the music and people and noise on the street.

Sue: I’m going to get us a few more beers.
Jay: Thank you, maybe that will help.
Sue: Help what?
Jay: I’m going to tell you, I promise. I just need to get up the nerve.
Sue: Well, now... this sounds like a secret. Is it?
Jay: Yes ma’am.
Sue: And you’re going to share it with me?
Jay: Yes ma’am.
Sue: And this is why you are so quiet? Because you are brooding over this secret? This monstrously embarrassing secret?
Jay: Yes ma’am. But if you keep teasing me about it, I’m not going to tell you.
Sue: Two beers coming up.

Sue went to the closest bar, relieved that she was not the cause of his embarrassment or his silence... but a bit worried about what the secret might be. She was still young and she had no idea what others saw when they looked at her. Insecurity was high on her list of traits, that and joviality. Sometimes the two balanced each other out; sometimes it just came across as a forced bark of laughter and a look of terror on her face. She ordered two beers and paid for them and then went back to Jay... Jay who had in a matter of a few minutes she had been gone, had turned scarlet.

Sue approached the table, put Jay’s beer in front of him with a pile of napkins, sat down herself and looked over at him. He looked like he would rather crawl down the side of the building by the gutters than to be anywhere but there.

Jay: Thank you for the beer.

He took a napkin and wiped his face.

Sue: My pleasure.

Sue thought if she could remain still, calm and silent that he wouldn’t run off. She was treating him like a spooked horse. That thought occurred to her and she bit her cheek to keep from laughing. She sipped on her beer, kept from choking and then asked if he minded if she smoked.

Jay: Please do, may I light it for you?
Sue: Of course. Thank you.

He lit her smoke and then they both just looked around at the crowd, the fireworks, the drunk frat boys, the street performers and the other bar patrons. Jay took a deep breath and then looked at Sue. He had relaxed from scarlet to merely pink.

Jay: Are you sure you want to hear my secret?
Sue: No.
Jay: It’s nothing bad, I swear.
Sue: O... kay.
Jay: Really.
Sue: ... [nodding]
Jay: It’s just I have had this...
Sue: ... [eyebrow raise]
Jay: This....
Sue: ...
Jay: This... fantasy.

He spit out the word like it was a skunked beer.

Sue: A fantasy.
Jay: Yes.

He was positively purple.

Sue: About...?
Jay: This is the part where it gets embarrassing.
Sue: Fantasies are normal, no need to be embarrassed.
Jay: Says the woman who is the subject of mine...
Sue: ... [blink] Pardon me?
Jay: Okay, I’m only going to say this once, so if you want to hear it... pay attention.
Sue: ...
Jay: Since I met you... and yes, I have had this fantasy since March 13th... don’t look so surprised. But since I met you I have had this fantasy about you...
Sue: ...
Jay: You in your red boots with your cowboy hat on.
Sue: Sorry I didn’t wear them tonight, it is just so muggy and hot outside...
Jay: [waving away her apology] No, that’s not it...
Sue: What is it then?
Jay: In my fantasy, that is all you are wearing.
Sue: ...[eyes immediately get huge]
Jay: I’m so embarrassed... you probably think I am a total perv.
Sue: ...
Jay: Say something.
Sue: So, let me get this straight.
Jay: Oh, shit.
Sue: You... [pointing at him] have been having fantasies of me... [pointing at herself] for now on four months about me donning nothing but my cowboy hat... wait... straw or felt?
Jay: Straw.
Sue: Right... so, nothing but my straw cowboy hat and my red ropers?
Jay: Don’t hate me.
Sue: Oh, au contraire, dear sir. I find this rather... hot.
Jay: ... What?
Sue: You’ve been thinking about me.
Jay: Yes.
Sue: A lot?
Jay: You could say that.

Sue just grinned like the cat that ate the canary. Jay looked positively squeamish.

Jay: Okay, okay... Yes, a lot. Lord, this is so embarrassing.
Sue: I dare to disagree.
Jay: You aren’t the one spilling out your fantasies in front of some woman that you barely know...
Sue: Dude, you washed my hair, well that and a lot more... and I think that constitutes knowing...
Jay: ... and have had a crush on since the day you laid eyes on her.
Sue: ... Wait. What?
Jay: Are you going to make me repeat this too?
Sue: Yes, please.
Jay: Fine, but on one condition.
Sue: And that is?
Jay: You tell me what FMF means.
Sue: ...[laughing] How did you hear... oh, never mind... You got it.
Jay: Okay, fine. I have a crush on you.
Sue: ...
Jay: And I have since I saw you at that damn rodeo.
Sue: Fuck Me Fine.
Jay: Pardon me?
Sue: That’s what FMF means. Kelly made it up. Okay, I did too. We had to call you something as we didn’t know your name. We got a look at you LONG before that damned rodeo.
Jay: Oh, really?
Sue: Yep.
Jay: Hmmm.
Sue: And I’ll tell you something else.
Jay: Tell me.
Sue: I have those boots and that straw hat back at the room. And come to think of it, I have a little bit of nothing else to throw on with them.

Tune in Next Time (aka, when I get around to it... maybe) and I’ll tell you another way Jay cemented his place in Sue’s heart and it all started with a circus.

*This ain’t that kind of blog y’all. Pervs.

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