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About Me

Well, let’s see. I’m not good at writing little pithy snippets about who I am and why I enjoy putting words to paper. However, I am aware that my last “cast” page and “100 things about me” page have been lost (in the move from another URL to here) and are hopelessly dated anyway. Normally people like a little page at the top of a journal to give them a summary of the crazy. Sort of an answer to the question, “Should I really dedicate my hard won lunch hour to reading this drivel?”

So, I’m going to give this a shot.

Hi, I’m Susan. (That wasn’t so hard.)

I’m currently 36 38 years old, I am a Taurus and I have three one old men furry man living with me in my humble little home.

The first and most interesting is my husband of five years, I refer to him as Mister because he likes being anonymous and I have a habit of giving away WAY too much information and he thinks that people will search for our tax records and steal our credit reports. He is tall, he is awesome and I am lucky. You can see more of his story here. Yeah, this didn't last.

He is a very feminine elderly gray cat named Max. You can see more of his story here.

The third is a wobbly approximately nine year old German Shepherd named Zeke. You can see more of his story here. Annnnnnd, neither did this.

I love to read, watch movies, write really bad fiction and recount some of my glory days by hiding it as bad fiction. I enjoy art that involves leaf-less trees, landscapes and naked people. I dig animals, face, hair and body products, make up, jewelry and COACH purses. I have very long legs and a very big ass. I adore dancing and everything about dancing from movies to documentaries to the show So You Think You Can Dance?

I am the youngest of two girls. My sister is afraid of the internet and has just recently joined Facebook. She does not read this journal. If you know her, please do not send her the address or pull the page up at parties. She will cry.

My parents are very kind and warm. They also convinced me when I was young that I had a hatch-day as opposed to a birthday but that it was a wonderful day when they found me under that rock. I suppose that my sense of humor can be attributed to them, or to being dropped or shaken as an infant*.

*Oh, cowboy up Mary, I’m kidding. They only shook me a little.

I am very Type A at work. Details, details, details! BUTT CLENCH! (Dork.) But when I get home I would be the first one to admit to being a bit flakey. If it were not for my loving husband (Seriously?) I would be standing in a field with a sideways ponytail, one shoe missing, looking lovingly at the sky with half eaten banana being held loosely and forgotten in one of my hands.

This dichotomy is why I love suspension of disbelief in its many forms. Movies, books, television, storytelling, radio, dance, music, you name it. It is a mental vacation. That’s all I’m doing here y’all. A little bit of cloud watching.

*Updated 8/25/10


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Kate VG:

Your blog is fabulous; love it!

It was great meeting you last night - looking forward to a great conference!


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