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November 11, 2008

Halloween in Chicago 2008

The Halloween weekend recap.

It was awesome.

Seriously. I cannot just launch into how much awesomeness was had. There needs to be some sort of build up. And the storms over the DFW are over the past two nights have wrecked my sleep and as soon as I got back from Chicago I was in the office for one day then left for the most uncomfortable conference of all times. So, yeah. I’m tired.

Let’s see what we can do here.

I really want to talk about work right now.

But, I know better. And I also know that I would get a big boot in the butt for even flirting with the notion of being dooced.

So, a little bit about the Chicago weekend it is. Bring a sack lunch. This is a doozie.

First thing is first. The day before I left for Chicago (the 30th) I took off of work so that I could pack leisurely, run like eighty-five gazillion errands and not be all “HOLY SHIT. I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO. MUST STAY UP UNTIL 5AM FRIDAY MORNING TO FINISH!” and then puss out on the first and normally craziest night of the weekend.

To give you a sample of the insane in the membrane that I have going on before a trip, normally I have a packing list that I just print out and check off the shit I need when I am packing. (Do not make fun of the afflicted.) For some reason, I left my beloved list at the office and I did not bring home my work laptop, no way to get into the server. FAIL. List lost.

So, I … well, I made another one. But because I kept waking up and thinking of other shit to bring it ended up looking like this.


By the time I was done with the list, there were three columns, single spaced, and frantic scribblings in the margins.

So that Thursday I went to CVS, I went to the bank, I went to Sam Moon and I almost went to J C Penny’s for some chicken cutlets for mah bra, but I decided against it. Sam Moon did me in, and it was like 2pm on a weekday, not even the madhouse of complete chaos that you normally find there on a Saturday. (Oh, the horror.)

I did pick up this cute little black shiny clutch purse at Sam Moon for like twelve dollars. I refused to take Gigi or Gidget to Chicago because I was aware that it may be possible that I could drop my purse in a big puddle of beer or some other substance (stripper glitter… Fergal) that would ruin my beautiful, new purse. So the new cheap one was purchased to basically take one for the team.

It had to meet several requirements. 1) Cheap. 2) Black. 3) Room enough for smokes, cell phone and lipstick (if lucky a compact). 4) Zippered interior or exterior pocket for ID and money. And 5) a shoulder strap, in case of dancing possibilities and safety measures… if really lucky, a detachable shoulder strap.

I found the perfect one. As well as a cute little fuzzy newsboy cap, a pretty grey wrap, a replacement for a hair clip that I wear almost daily, two pairs of earrings and… something else. But seriously, Sam Moon is like crack. It’s worse than Target. Go in for one thing, come out with twelve. The only difference is that I walked out only sixty bucks poorer and at Target I would have lost a cool Benjamin. I also would like to take this time to request a cape… and some other super hero accoutrement as I was able to resist purchasing a beautiful coppery colored LARGE tote for $35. I RESISTED. I need a cookie.

Lord, 642 words and not one thing about Chicago yet.

Sorry. On with the SHOW!

Friday morning I got up nice and early and left for the airport. I had my travel paid for with points, my hotel arrangements paid for with points and my parking even paid for with points. I had Christmas money left over from last year in my clutches and I was ready to go.

I had two costumes picked out for Halloween. The standby bunny one that I wore last year and the new one I kind of made up this year. Last year was not for Halloween, it was for a Tarts and Vicars party and we were in Green Bay. This year it was Halloween and I was in Chicago, going to a Halloween parade in boystown and I figured that since I didn’t have Mister with me that pants would be a wise move.

Ah, pants. The downfall of every great costume.

I figured that I would “play it safe” with a red and black corset, a black Betty Page wig, a pair of red horns and a tail (both pierced), black pants, boots and some false eyelashes. See? Pants. And yet… I was teased mercilessly for wearing a black tank top under my corset. In this group I am seen as a prude. Go figure. (You, there in the back, stop laughing. Not that funny.)

Mike and I met up (oh, and I would link to him… but he doesn’t have a site anymore. Twitter? Sure. Mike on Twitter) at Midway and moved on to the hotel. When we got in and texted all around that we had arrived our presence was demanded requested by Weet to come to a little shop called vive la femme. What a fantastic store! Beautiful clothes, great little shop, nice people… and the choices, oh my. I put on this olive green top and walked out of the dressing room to Oooohs and Aaaahs. The next one I slipped on, “Take that off.” And “No.” Back and forth until I had to make a decision because I had a budget and I was hardcore on staying on it.

After crawling into the trunk of Weetabix’s car (Das Boot) (Apparently I have an issue with this, please excuse the formatting.) we were all dropped at our respective hotels (You should have seen Shawn’s doorman at the Double Tree, helping me out of the trunk, “Will that be all miss?” Heh.) and then it was a race against time to get ready for the evening.

I spent way more time on my make up than I should have and by the way? Wet and Wild Halloween red lipstick? NO. Just No. Bite the bullet, pay the seven bucks for the L’Oreal red and be done with it. Or, you’ll spend most of the evening with lipstick that is trying to get all over everything. So by the time I threw on my wig cap (sexy… very sexy) and opened the door to let in Cheezus, Miss Muffet and a red headed punk boy in to help me with my corset we were bordering on late.

We hopped in a cab to go to the Club Quarters to meet everyone for a drink and then we hailed three cabs to drop us at the Corner of Halsted and Belmont which is where the parade was starting… Or ending. On the way to the parade we got stopped by the Critical Mass Bike Parade before we even crossed the river. Dear Lord, so many bikes.

The cab driver turned off the meter and we just sat there. When they finally passed we rushed out onto Lake Shore drive and got stuck in wicked bad traffic. The three cabs let the three groups out in three different areas, so hooking back up with everyone was a bit of a debacle. But when we did, we decided to go into Jack’s on Halsted for dinner. We lined up in front of the restaurant for pictures before we were seated and tourists started taking our pictures. I guess we made a pretty motley crew with Cheezus, Miss Muffet, Punk Boy, me, a Dominatrix, a Referee, Johnny Quest, Belle from Twilight, Heather, Nurse Hatchet, Nurse Ratchet and even God stood in for a picture or two.

We had dinner and then headed to Berlin and picked up Jen, Wendy Mc and a whole slew of friendly people. It was a very fun evening. And the weekend was just getting started. We got back to the hotel and the front desk clerk was kind enough to take our picture.

The next morning the Westin foursome (minus one) went in search of a meal, found a Starbucks and an Einstein Brother’s Bagels within a block of the hotel. This turned out to be a little ritual each morning. After breakfast the four of us went for the touristy part of our weekend. Mike and I went to H&M and he got a few shirts and a few other items while the others went to Old Navy to get Kevin a jacket.

Then we walked over to Millennium Park and toured the Cloud Gate on the AT&T Plaza (THE BEAN!), the Jay Pritzker Pavilion and the Lurie Garden.

The Bean was insane. If you haven’t seen it in person, please high thee on to Chicago… Now. We took a bunch of pictures of ourselves reflected off of the surface and the weird optical illusions it creates. I want a small one as a necklace. I need a bean. A wee bean.

The pavilion has this amazing sound system that is hanging on struts like 40 feet above the grassy area. They had this insane soundtrack playing that sounded like a train station. You’d walk over to stand under one set of speakers and you’d hear the conductor yelling, walk another 20 yards and you’d hear a whistle blowing, another bit further up and you’d hear a locomotive engine revving up to pull out of the station. Each set of speakers added a different dynamic to the area. I could have walked from speaker to speaker for hours. Or just laid down on the grass and listened.

The Lurie Garden is such an amazing place, like finding yourself surrounded by this little protective forest in the middle of the city. I loved all of it. My feet, however, did not.

On the way back to the hotel we stopped by Ethel’s Chocolate Lounge. Oh, dear Lord in heaven. Mike got two little dark chocolate truffles and gave me one. It was like a rainbow totally gave me tongue.

Saturday evening we all met up for dinner at Portillo's Hot Dogs and then headed over to Piece for an evening of live karaoke.

You all have heard me mention my friend Sesil on this page before. She happens to live in Chicago and she got to meet us for dinner. Being as there was like sixteen of us that evening we had a tough time getting a table for karaoke at Piece. When Sil started yawning (she had had a long day of having three kids... she didn't have them all in one day, she just... y'all know what I mean....) I asked her if we could find a spot to hang out. We did, the perfect spot. Her front steps, smoking and drinking vanilla vodka and sprite while we watched people and talked until almost three am. I know I missed a bunch of karaoke goodness and then the subsequent bar crawl but I Sil and I had a blast, laughing, talking, just relaxing and enjoying the evening and each other’s company.

Sunday morning the four of us again went for sustenance and then most everyone got ready to go home. Melinda and Kevin (Miss Muffet and Cheezuz) packet up their stuff and put it in my room as they had a later flight. Mike and I were both staying until Monday. (ROCK.)

We met the rest of the group over at Gino’s East for pizza and then on to the Park Hyatt for Pimm’s cups on the 7th floor. Have y’all ever smelled that place? The NoMI Lounge? That is what I want to smell like. Like power and pretty and a little bit of spice. I almost bought one of their candles to rub all over myself. I swear, you can’t take me anywhere. The Pimm’s cups were divine… another thing I have to thank Weetabix for (one of the thousands of things) introducing me too.

After the Park Hyatt… Mike, Poppy, Jake, Weet and I went over to C.O. Bigelow at the mall on a search for THE lipstick. When the lipstick quest failed, Weet and Jake left and Poppy, Mike and I went on a quest for shoes. I still had $126 dollars left in my little Christmas Cash booty and I wanted some comfortable shoes.

My feet were killing me because I had been wearing heels and these cute loafers (that hated my feet when I walked about a frillion miles and kept them on for eighteen hours) the whole time I had been in Chicago. Poppy left after a while and Mike and I soldiered on. We went to Bloomingdale’s and lusted after his dream shoes. (There may have been humping.) And then we walked through the H&M on Michigan.

We headed back to the hotel and stepped across the street to Harry Caray’s. Holy Cow! If you’ve seen this video before, I apologize for including it. But I could not stop yelling “Holy Cow!” in a very poor impersonation of Harry Caray.

We ordered some great greasy bar food and then basically left it on the table.

Mike and I were contemplating on whether or not we should go out. Heather, Sasha and Fergal were still in town and they were basically texting Mike all, “Puss. Come to the bar.” They went from 10 blocks south of the river to Division Street in like three hours. At 8:30 pm Mike was like, “If we go in, rest and NOT go out tonight, is this going to be like me punching myself for not getting those boots? Am I always going to regret not going?” I responded, “Dude, it’s all you, but remember… Heather is in from California and Sasha and Fergal are here from fucking Ireland.” He said, “We’re going.” And holy shit I am SO glad we did.

Mike and I met up with Heather, Sasha and Fergal at a little bar called Mother’s Too. It was a wee little pool hall with a great waitress named Haley that I kept calling Kaley. She was cool, she was nice and never got offended when we’d use her as our own personal tie breaker. Even if the questions were of the, “What is your definition of teabagging?” variety.

After several hours and many poor games of pool we wandered across the street to The Lodge. And even tinier watering hole. The music was good and Sasha and I could only attract so much trouble in such a confined space. As my mother says, “Susan, you bring home strays.” Take me… then multiply that power of freak attraction times eleventy and you have Sasha. Mike hung out for a bit until the Sasha/Susan Freak Beacon attracted the fourth or fifth of the evening. A tall gentleman by the name of Tim. Tim was cool, but the four guys we attracted after Tim most definitely were not.

The four of us stayed out until almost 4:45 am and it was a fabulous time. I got to drink the rest of my Christmas money away while playing a new game I made up called “Ask the Lesbian”. Thank you for being such a good sport Heather. (She could totally kick my ass.) I made some fast friends and I hope to persuade Mister to go across the pond to visit my new best friends Sasha and Fergal. Fergal will probably still have glitter on him the next time I see him.

Monday morning Mike and I slept late, went and had Arby’s for lunch (MISTAKE), took a quick nap and then headed to the airport around two-ish. I did not want to leave, but I wanted to go home.

I missed out on so much this year with the Pineapple Fluff gang. I hope to see them all again in Green Bay in the Spring. (Gonna work on getting Sesil to join me!)

I love you guys.


PS… you know that little purse I bought for the Chicago trip? I didn’t have time to change purses when I got back in town on Monday and I left for another trip on Wednesday. I took the wee black purse with me.

When I got home on Friday, Mister and I went to dinner and went and purchased booze.

Saturday we ran a couple of errands and basically stayed at home.

Sunday I didn’t change out of my PJ’s.

Sunday evening when I was rooting around trying to find my wee purse that held my phone and my money and my ID my keys and EVERYTHING… I could not find it. I looked in Mister’s car, I looked in my car. I went through the trash y’all. Mister said, “Go look on the back porch where we re-potted that plant yesterday.” I went outside and sure enough. My freaking purse had been sitting on the grill for TWO DAYS.


I am responsible. And pretty.

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