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April 5, 2011

Only Two Full Days Left! IGIGI Give Away!

Re-Posted for Contest-y Business:

This Site right here has all the linky goodness to help you win UP TO $700 dollars. YES, SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS in gift certificate finery from the one, the only IGIGI – Beautiful Plus Size Clothing by Yuliya Raquel.

Long and short of it is, you visit the IGIGI website and select a garment. THEN you go to this site right here, follow the links… and tell us in the comments of each entry why you like the garment, how you would wear the garment, and what it would mean to your wardrobe. Basically leave comments like unicorn glitter and rainbow sprinkles on cupcakes at every one of those reviews. Please do so by April 7th, 2011. And then each one of the reviewers will pick a winner for a $50 IGIGI gift certificate using a random number generator thingy and PRESTO! Depending on your luck you could make BANK baby.

Ok, so that’s done… Remember y’all.
April 7th.
Which is THIS THURSDAY!!!!!!!ZOMG!!!!PONIEZ!!!!!1111!!!!ELEVEN.

I don’t know how actually use one of those random number generators, but I am sure someone will be kindly and help me. Right? RIGHT? Hey, come back here! I DO want to be very surprised by the winner. And y’all if you didn’t leave an email with your comment send me an email or something. Stalk me, whatever to let me know who you are… well, you don’t ALL have to do that, the winner might wanna tho. Winner will be announced on Friday, April 8th.

And if you really want something special, make sure to go over to Weetabix’s review and be entered to win the IGIGI goodness ANNNNNNNNNNNND a $50 gift certificate to her Etsy shop and ALL COMMENTERS will get a 10% off discount code to use until June 1.

Seriously, it doesn’t get much better than this y’all.

Last summer I ordered one of her jellyfish prints and another one of the stepping stones from a graveyard (that makes me cry almost every time I look at it… shut up, don’t judge me, it’s gorgeous) from MPix and had them gallery wrapped. I hung them in my ‘oh so white’ kitchen of my wee apartment. The pic below was taken by my blackberry. I know, it’s grainy, but the two prints above the cabinets = LOVE… Right!?


Also, Weetabix linked all of our reviews on FB and I was just praying that my worlds would NOT collide as below the picture of me in the pencil skirt and the link to the review of the IGIGI garments it had the title of my post previous to that. Yeah, it had my picture, a link to the review and then… in somber grey… “Shut Up, My Vagina is NOT BORING”. If it wasn’t so hysterical I would be mortified.

I figured I haven’t in… Jesus… over 8 years of writing for y’all I haven’t been involved in a flame war. I haven’t had disparaging remarks made about me, my fat ass or my mother. I am beginning to think I am doing something wrong. But if loving you is wrong, then I don’t wanna be right.



Photo courtesy of my favorites from thebigharumph’s Etsy page.

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