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August 31, 2012

Happy Labor Day 2012

Happy Friday y’all. I am excited as balls that Monday is a holiday and I actually took off Tuesday and Wednesday so I am going to have a true vacation smack dab in the middle of busy, butt pucker season. So, Happy Labor Day to all of you who celebrate it, and to those of you who don’t? Happy… Septemberishness.

Weird Sexual Habits and You

As of this past Monday Nugget and I have been at this foolishness for two years. Seriously.

Two whole freaking years. I can’t believe it has been that long, but yea, verily it has. I’m quite pleased with the results. Who knew that two years ago when I was all, “C’mere.” And he was all surprisingly passionate and a fantastic kisser and put his hand in my pants and made me feel like a teenager that we’d still be at it two years later? I surely didn’t. No really. I was a hard ass bitch who basically was just looking to fulfill a need and he kind of crashed my radar with sweet/cute/hot/delicious/ridiculousness.

We were lying in bed the other day and having quite a laugh about how far we had come in the short two years. I told him that his next girlfriend was going to have to rent a video to get caught up on the learning curve (if you know what I mean). We started making quips about the things we would say in bed with the next partner, crap we would ask, things we have come to expect and really kind of dig that other people may raise an eyebrow to.

Of course it was all very tongue in cheek.

And here for your reading pleasure, I give you…. Stuff that may make you feel quite uncomfortable.

Me: Why aren’t you biting me?
Nugget: You haven’t done that complicated move with your mouth yet.
Me: Gah, the pillow is for ME.
Nugget: What do you mean, “get my hands off your neck”?
Me: You’re doing it wrong.
Nugget: Why aren’t you laughing?
Me: Try harder.
Nugget: What do you mean, “you don’t swallow”?
Me: What do you mean, “Give me a minute?” I don’t understand this waiting thing.
Nugget: I can’t pull your hair? Why not?

We went on for a few minutes; it was hilarious and believe you, me… I deleted about 12 lines that I thought may have crossed a line or two. Oh, deal with it. We’re all adults here. Aren’t we?

So yeah, it’s been over a month since my last post. I have been traveling like a lunatic, and not to sound like a complete asshole (which I am very capable of) I kind of am pushing myself to post something as not to let this go too long. It gets easier and easier to just let the site lay (in wait for ruins) than to actually think about posting something. Yeah, I took the easy route and threw up some dialogue, but even that won’t come across as witty or smart. Just brassy and bold, maybe a little brash.

I’ll start writing stories again soon.

Here’s an excuse that has no merit, but that stops me dead in my tracks anyway. Some of my stuff that I have at another site, and stuff that I have previously posted here read a little too blue. Or too 50 shades and shit. I don’t want to be a part of that bandwagon. Sure I am very thankful that some of that stuff has brought this style of writing and that kind of stuff into mainstream… kind of. You know?

Who am I really talking to here?

I missed my turn at Albuquerque.

One of these days I will understand people. But today just isn’t that day. Let me back up. I have three girlfriends that have been around since God was in short pants. I happen to have met them all in Nacogdoches and they all happen to live in various parts of the greater Houston area.

#1 and I used to travel together. Drive and dance and laugh and throw parties. We were in each other’s weddings and I was at the baby shower of her beautiful daughter.

#2 is one of my old roommates from college, she is dear and quite scattered, but I was so pleased that FaceBook put us back in touch last year.

#3 is married to my best friend from college. She has an extremely large heart and is so sweet and kind that I love to be near her and her small family.

Here is my damage.

All three of these gorgeous ladies have fallen by the wayside with communication. #3 is the one I am missing the most. Our pattern is that we have constant contact for a few days (plans are made… then broken) then it is months before we speak again.

#2 is flighty and will gamely admit it, but it does seem to hurt my (wee little) feelings a bit when I text and message her to no avail. I do, however, get responses from her hot ass husband. This? Isn’t appropriate. Whatever, he’s still hot. No, that doesn’t have anything to do with the issue. I just thought I’d mention it.

#1 is boy crazy. She got divorced and we hung out. She was working and being a single mom, I get it… she’s busy. But she recently got remarried and I haven’t even met the guy yet. Wasn’t invited to the wedding, she hasn’t even told me. Nothing. All she has done in way of communication is to friend request me on FaceBook (after I dropped her off my list)… after I left he years worth of messages on her cell phone, on her voice mail at home. No call backs, no texts, nothin.

I think that the smart thing to do would just be step back let them contact me when they will. Or if they will and not put too much stock in the “mutually beneficial” category of their friendship. Regard them more as acquaintances. I mean, to be completely honest, I really don’t need the friendship of #1 or #2, but it would kill me if #3 was not in my life at all anymore.

#1 is done with me from what I can tell. And #2 only wants me around when I am in her direct field of vision.

I do tend to put a lot of stock in old friendships. Maybe it is time to turn it over.


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