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February 19, 2013

Morning Constitution

Walk with me for a minute. Mmmm that’s the stuff. I like to wander when it’s nice and windy with a hint of chill in the air.

Just so you can be aware of my headspace today… I slept for more than three hours. I have had coffee and I am currently playing a game with myself that I like to call, “Oh fucking hell, where the shit is my goddamn W2?!”

I’m excited because it is that time of the year again. No, not that time. Nope, not that one either. And yes, it is that time but I don’t wanna talk about my travel schedule because then I get all stabby when I run across that damn ad in SkyMall where that “BEFORE” lady looks all disheveled and shit because she’s like a snail* trying to carry it all… AND talk on a motherfucking phone!

(Fear Not! Train Reaction Will Save YOU!)

*house on her back… follow along, people!

It is the time of the year when I get to travel with my girls. AND… Weetacon is around the corner! WOOOOOO!

My girls and I get to go to a gorgeous place off of Lake LBJ, here in Texas. This is the Kerr Krew trip. Yes, y’all have heard many stories about the Krew. And if you want more, use that little searchy thing up on the top right hand corner and search away. But to help the lazy ones in the bunch (you’re welcome, babies) I have mentioned them in several places, but the entry that people gravitate towards… (Lord, I wish I could find the pictures)… is This One Right Here (Clickity).

We get together for birthdays and Christmas dinner and we do this special thing once a year. We all go “camping” for the weekend. And by “camping” I mean, we don’t stay at a Starwood Property. We stay in this bangin cabin on the lake and have sunset happy hours and play games and gossip. Lovely.

I’m so jealous of me!

And Um.

Speaking of.

I woke myself up this morning.

I was mid dream, and I was dreaming of some very inappropriate stuff. I was just about to get down to business with this guy I have known forever. Totally married dude. Not appropriate in any way. Regardless it was hot. Until this little exchange.

Dude: Hmmm, bare. Do you shave?
Me: No, my pussy had cancer.**


**Sorry Jane, I love you.

Weetacon is coming up in a week…. A FUCKING WEEK, y’all! I haven’t found a sheet for our toga party. I haven’t even thought of packing. And the snow is going to be so glorious this year! The sleigh ride will be amazeballs.

To get myself in the spirit of Weetacon, I routinely refer to the little nugget of awesome below.

I give you Dave from Weetacon 2011. That’s me horking laughter at the end.

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