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Could You Pass the Coasters?

This isn’t really a post, just wanted to share my crazy with y’all for a bit.

Dream… Last night, or this morning, whatever.


Paul (the ex husband) moved back in … to my house? Where Max (the now dead cat) was running around. I picked the cat up, petted, hugged and stroked him, while trying to keep my short robe shut(?) and casually informed Paul that, “Yeah, by the way… Max died on April 15th.”

Then I ate a coaster and waved Paul off as he bent down and tried to kiss me goodbye, “Too soon? Ok, maybe later,” he responded. And I was trying to figure out a way to say, “Um no, not too soon, just never gonna happen, also, you may wanna make yourself scarce later unless you want to hear me having loud, awesome sex with my boyfriend.” But my mouth was full of coaster.

Mmmmm, coaster.

I told my sister a very short version of this today via text. She laughed and asked if I saw that Paul had finally made a drum. I told her that no, I haven’t, as I don’t follow him on the Book of Face (tm, chocolate bunny).

I asked her why she put “finally” in italic speak, like building a drum would be Paul’s life work. She said, “Because it IS his life’s work!”

Last time she was this excited about him, he had foolishly (IMHO) posted pictures of himself walking on fire. My sister was over the moon with that rich material.

She finds it oddly hilarious and fascinating that he is quite the loon. But I fucking lived that shit and it lost its’ appeal to me back in 2008.

I’m about to do my makeup and it’s 2:15 pm. I have fallen into a lazy ass habit of not wearing a stitch of anything on my face. I blame it all on applaud the invention of lash extensions.

I’m hooked like a meth addict.

I get them done every three weeks, or a month… or something. Sam, this darling, young lady at Oh-La’ Lash, here in Dallas, does some witchery or magic or something and POOF, my lashes are long, thick and gloriously curly.

I think I’ll do that make up application via photos so you can see the lashes.

Wait, a short video is better.


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